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Self Massage Workshop: How To Massage your C-Section Scar

Most mums take good care of themselves while pregnant, but once baby arrives self-care is often at the back of the list. This is a unique opportunity to have some relaxed time focused on you and your body after the birth of your baby with like minded mums who have been through similar experiences.

Course Summary


Basic Information

The course is designed to be relaxed and easy to follow and no previous experience in massage is required. You will be shown a simple routine and then you can practice either directly on your scar, or through your clothes to make sure you have the right pressure. If you choose to massage directly on your scar, you will only need to expose a little area around your scar. There will be opportunities to ask questions about your scar and which massage techniques will most benefit you.

Wear loose comfy clothing. You need to feel warm and comfy-bring a yoga/pilates mat, pillow and blanket.

Course Dates 2017

Berkhampstead, 60 minutes, Saturday 17/6/17 10:45am

At Carmenta Life, HP4.

Max 10 Participants. Location link here

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Workshop cost: £23

You must be at least 10 weeks post surgery and the scar must be well healed and infection free. If you think your scar is keloid contact me to discuss suitability.

Scars can be any age after surgery and still benefit from massage, so even if it’s years since you had your baby, you are still very welcome to attend.

Contact me to organise a c-section massage workshop for your NCT or Mum’s group.

Berkhampstead, 60 minutes, Saturday 24/6/17 10am

At Carmenta Life, HP4.

Max 10 Participants. Location link here

To book email

Workshop cost: £23

Just want to find out more about ScarWork and Scar Massage?


Harpenden                                           Saturday 3/6/17 10am

Pilates Workshop

Berkhamsptead,                                 Saturday 17/6/17 at 10am

Carmenta Life

Open to all. Babies and dads welcome. Register by email

Feedback From Previous “How to Massage your C-Section Scar” Workshop

“It was a nice idea to do it as a small group. To talk to other women having gone through the same thing. I feel more in tune with my scar now.”

“Gave me confidence that I can take these techniques home and make a difference”

“Emma made me feel comfortable about massaging my scar”

“Really brilliant to learn techniques”

“Being shown by an expert has given me confidence and knowledge”

“I found today’s session really insightful and educational about my scar. Thank you”

“Good to know what to look out for and what is normal”

“Really helpful”

“Quick and simple techniques I can remember and do myself”

All participants said the course was easy to follow, delivered the skills they were expecting and they would recommend the course to a friend.

Semi-Private Workshop for You and a Friend. 60 Minutes

Time and date to suit you. Evenings available.

Restore Therapy Clinic, Harpenden, AL5 3LQ

To book email

Workshop cost: £45pp

Learn new skills and

connect with other mums

Gain confidence in how

to massage your scar

“Scar tissue massage and mobilisation is an important process and one that is often overlooked in the postnatal population and by those being treated for musculoskeletal and pelvic floor dysfunction. Adhesions of the caesarean scar may result in restricted and painful movement and have an impact on how the internal pelvic organs and pelvic floor muscles are functioning. The prevention of permanent adhesions, achieved through massage, will hopefully prevent longer term pelvic floor dysfunction.”

Erica Lewis, Women’s Health Physiotherapist, St Albans

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After c-section surgery most scars heal well and do not cause lasting problems, however some women find they have persistent issues. For some it may be an emotional disconnect and dislike of touching their scar, perhaps some physical discomfort such as pulling sensations, tightness or shooting pains. Research is still ongoing into the benefits, but I have found that scar massage can be very beneficial on both a physical and emotional level after a c-section. Emergency c-sections can be very traumatic and with a new baby to care for little time is given for recovery.

I was initially asked by a group of mums who wanted to learn how to massage their c-section scars to run this workshop and it was so successful I felt compelled to offer it again. As a scar massage specialist I have lots of experience in how to massage c-section scars. It would be great if everyone could have a professional ScarWork massage treatment after a c-section, but otherwise this self-massage course is a great way to engage with your scar and feel confident in how to self-massage safely. I haven’t been able to find anyone else in the UK offering these workshops so it’s a unique opportunity to learn self scar massage.

“With all the women I have recommended for c-section scar massage, all said that they felt it eased up any tightness and tension they felt in their scar and any tenderness around the scar itself. The massage helped my clients do my core connection exercises, having released resistance which may have been holding them back from getting better results, plus I noticed it gave them more freedom of movement”

Vicky Warr, Founder & Specialist Pregnancy and Post Natal Trainer, Berkhampstead

Harpenden, 60 minutes, Saturday 3/6/17 10:45am

At Pilates Workshop, Southdown.

Max 10 Participants. Location link here

To book email